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Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Look at the Godcasting Phenomenon

[from Andy Rau, Internet for Christians]

"Earlier this month, we linked to a podcasting tutorial and noted podcasting’s church aned ministry potential. On the same topic, a Salt Lake Tribune article takes a close look at the “Godcasting”—religious podcasting—phenomenon, painting an intriguing picture of the outreach potential of podcasting. “Just as sermons were among the first type of broadcasts when radio caught on in America in the 1920s,” the article notes, “podcasting is creating a new form of wireless parson.”

[continued at Internet for Christians]

[reprint of Salt Lake Tribune article elsewhere, if above link doesn't work. Btw, what's with the MSM anyway? Can't they do permalinks?]

[Also link to Indianapolis' own... Mt. Pleasant Christian Church]


Thursday, March 17, 2005

Internet Activist School?

How funny is this? "Internet Activist School"

But wait. Maybe that's not just a 'funny' idea. Maybe it would be really important if your 'cause' was really important.

Hmmmm. Is our 'cause' really important?

The most important!

[Drop in Saturday morning at UBbloggin.com training.]

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Early grave for DVD too?

Video downloading will kill off the 'passive' format, claims Alcatel chief


In the meantime... Apple joins Blu-Ray in DVD standard battle.


How will one or the other impact churches & ministries?

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

God on the iPod...

[guess the iPod ain't dead just yet! LOL]

"MP3 players make religious messages more portable"

"The radio preacher is finding new life in cyberspace. Godcasting is the latest advancement in online religion, in which preachers convert their sermons to audio to be heard on portable digital audio devices. Using iPods or any portable MP3 player, ''podcasting'' lets people download audio programs that can be listened to whenever they like. It's a form of audio syndication ..."

"Podcasting also can connect a dispersed flock - snowbirds, in particular. Part-time members of the Mount Pleasant Christian Church in Greenwood, Ind., listen to podcasts of sermons as they spend the winter in Florida, said Bill Todd, network administrator for the 2,400-member church just south of Indianapolis."


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Say Good-bye to your iPod...

Here's an article that will definitely get you thinking about the future of convergence. As the author says, it's a no-brainer. I'll just take it step further: As we leave the house, taking our keys, wallet & phone... won't that phone already have downloaded our RSS-audio subscriptions while it was in its cradle (and we in ours)?

How will that change the way we'll reach the next generation... and maybe even coordinate collaboration in THIS one?


U.B. Bloggin'...

Just added a new post as a part of our "U.B. Bloggin/Learnin" training program at the cafe...

"Picture Bloggin"

Free Image Hosting?

Since Blogger.com is a simple tool-of-choice these days, but lacks image hosting, what are some free image hosting sites that (any of) you might recommend?

Now that we're actively training inner-city pastors & neighbors at the Unleavened Bread Cafe here in Indy, it's a question that's starting to come up more often. Help anyone?

[subsequent note: Here is a directory of free image hosting sites.]

And here's some photo-blogging help...

Orangejack Blogging University

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