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Friday, February 25, 2005

Firefox plugs holes too...

[continued at CNET News.com]

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Competitors crying about Google's new toolbar...


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Your Assignment Today...

[from Frank Johnson, Strategic Digital Outreach]

[All are great articles (IMHO). Thanks Frank! Gotcha aggregated, brother.]

Why Blog? Top 50 Reasons...

With blogging being the most explosive element of the already explosive-growth internet, quite frequently these days I've found myself rehearsing the litany of "Why Blog?"

So I generated my list of "Top 50 Reasons To Blog". Your comments are always appreciated.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Surfin' Saturdays... U.B. Learnin'.....

Every Saturday morning, 10am til noon, at the Unleavened Bread Cafe, we're starting to build a cadry of e-capable urban-minded folks. And it's "each one, teach one", so everyone is getting involved -- as they learn something, they show someone else. We try to quickly teach 3 capabilities in 3 weeks. And pardon the play on words (initials U.B. for Unleavened Bread cafe)... we call these 3 segments:

Already we've trained a handful of people at different levels. In fact, we've trained 2 urban pastors completely, who now have launched their own blog-sites! And collectively, we're operating a (team) neighborhood/cafe blog site that we call... "U.B. Bloggin' ".

So come join the fun and helping folks that greatly appreciate your friendship and assistance. And make a difference in our city, using your skills.

And don't forget to bring your 'wireless toys'! **smile**

[continue at UBbloggin.blogspot.com]

Palm Tract, Anyone?

Hey who's got a Palm we can see this on?

Google Maps...

Like everything else Google works on, it's a greatly-improved mousetrap.

And like everything else Effective Web Ministry Notes mentions, this is yet another great tip.

[If you haven't already fed their RSS to your aggregator, let me encourage you. It's a great daily read.]

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Chruch Phishing...

Not a misspelling. 'MeanDean' is always right on target. And he's on a roll. If you're not aggregating his RSS feed, let me recommend it highly. Here's the latest couple of articles you won't want to miss...

[continue at 'HealYourChurchWebsite.com']

Nerd Score...

I'm guessing that anyone who enjoys taking a Nerd Score test... probably automatically gets a 90. **smile**

[hat-tip, MeanDean, 99% percentile!]

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