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Friday, October 29, 2004

Tech Mission... at CCDA Convention, Atlanta...

I'm trying to keep a daily log at "Got Change for a Blog?" while I'm here in Atlanta for the CCDA convention, and perhaps especially since they'll be coming to Indy next year (!!!).

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Innovation Forum... VoIP...

Had a very enlightening meeting at the...

Unleavened Bread Cafe
this morning, as we heard a presentation on VoIP (Voice Over IP) and discussed its potential usage personally and by churches, ministries, missionaries, etc.

And frankly, the prospects of 'sending SBC/Ameritech packing' sounded pretty intriguing. Sorry if that sounds bitter -- but (IMHO) they epitomize the Bells of the monopolistic world that have been able to treat us any way they've wanted to... and now they're about to pay the same price as dictators when overthrown.

And the huge beneficiaries can be international ministries suddenly able to cut their phone bills by a zillion percent. May God's work be enhanced as a result.

I'm headed to CCDA convention in Atlanta this next week. Anxious to see how it'll all work out as we work toward the convention coming to Indianapolis next year!

See ya'll next month... November 20th, 10am.

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