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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Free Image Hosting?

Since Blogger.com is a simple tool-of-choice these days, but lacks image hosting, what are some free image hosting sites that (any of) you might recommend?

Now that we're actively training inner-city pastors & neighbors at the Unleavened Bread Cafe here in Indy, it's a question that's starting to come up more often. Help anyone?

[subsequent note: Here is a directory of free image hosting sites.]

And here's some photo-blogging help...

Orangejack Blogging University

Blogger Just sitting here and read a little of Free Image Hosting? I have been online for about 8 years or so .I have learned alot about domains,hosting, and blogs .The three amigos they truthly are . I have many domains and many blogs kind of a internet junkie.. Read all about domains and web hosting here ,even blogs internet domain name ....Anyway go to go have a great day !!
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