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Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Look at the Godcasting Phenomenon

[from Andy Rau, Internet for Christians]

"Earlier this month, we linked to a podcasting tutorial and noted podcasting’s church aned ministry potential. On the same topic, a Salt Lake Tribune article takes a close look at the “Godcasting”—religious podcasting—phenomenon, painting an intriguing picture of the outreach potential of podcasting. “Just as sermons were among the first type of broadcasts when radio caught on in America in the 1920s,” the article notes, “podcasting is creating a new form of wireless parson.”

[continued at Internet for Christians]

[reprint of Salt Lake Tribune article elsewhere, if above link doesn't work. Btw, what's with the MSM anyway? Can't they do permalinks?]

[Also link to Indianapolis' own... Mt. Pleasant Christian Church]


I just recently purchased an iPod and subsequently got into downloading podcasts to listen to. Of course, you don't need an iPod to do so. There are lot of good religious podcasts available, but one has to listen to determine if it is what they are looking for. All of them are different to some degree.
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