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Monday, May 08, 2006

Generation Y believe nothing

A report 'Making Sense of Generation Y', commissioned by the Anglican Church in UK, and involving evangelical leader Graham Cray, has thrown up some surprising conclusions. The authors began their work believing that even if the young had little knowledge of Christianity, they would still have religious or spiritual yearnings. They were shocked to find that they did not.

Their creed could be defined as: 2This world, and all life in it, is meaningful as it is,2 translated as: 2There is no need to posit ultimate significance elsewhere beyond the immediate experience of everyday life.2 The goal in life of young people was happiness achieved primarily through the family.

The researchers were also shocked to discover little sense of sin or fear of death. Nor did they find any Freudian guilt as a result of private sensual desires. The young people were, however, afraid of growing old.

It seems likely that these conclusions may be equally valid in a number of western countries:
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PS - I was posting this message to our blog e-vangelism. But it didn't happen, and ended up here instead. Sorry, but maybe it's of interest.
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