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Friday, June 10, 2005

Getting computers for/to other countries?

[copy of an outgoing email to a new friend needing computers for the '3rd world'. I need the advice of the blogosphere on this. Who are the knowledge workers regarding this topic?]

"Notably, I am not well studied regarding the economics of transporting used computers across borders.

So I'm copying some of my Christian tech friends, to advise me about who are the primary holders of great information about this topic?

Are there reputable mission organizations or global educational ministries that have shown leadership in this area?

Personally, I have been reluctant to send used computers to people oversees... while I myself have a new laptop. Why send my old problems to people who already have their own problems? At the lower shipping weights, and higher usability of inexpensive laptops, for instance, I assume that it would greatly more useful to collect monies to send new laptops to those who can optimize their usefulness... such as churches or cybercafes in these countries. Money, of course, becomes an obstacle; but perhaps reconditioning used computers and selling them locally here on eBay, and then reinvesting the proceeds into laptops for oversees... could make sense.

But as I said, I'm not well studied on the topic. I need all of you to advise me/us.

Let's see what we ALL can learn from each other."

Help anyone?

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