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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Surfin' Saturdays... U.B. Learnin'.....

Every Saturday morning, 10am til noon, at the Unleavened Bread Cafe, we're starting to build a cadry of e-capable urban-minded folks. And it's "each one, teach one", so everyone is getting involved -- as they learn something, they show someone else. We try to quickly teach 3 capabilities in 3 weeks. And pardon the play on words (initials U.B. for Unleavened Bread cafe)... we call these 3 segments:

Already we've trained a handful of people at different levels. In fact, we've trained 2 urban pastors completely, who now have launched their own blog-sites! And collectively, we're operating a (team) neighborhood/cafe blog site that we call... "U.B. Bloggin' ".

So come join the fun and helping folks that greatly appreciate your friendship and assistance. And make a difference in our city, using your skills.

And don't forget to bring your 'wireless toys'! **smile**

[continue at UBbloggin.blogspot.com]

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