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Saturday, June 28, 2003

coming to California?
Since I don't quite know when I will get to Indianapolis next (yes, I was there once! for a Promise Keepers event where I was press) I'm inviting all you Wireless Coffee types out to Pasadena to visit Harambee Center when you are in town. If you plan ahead you can probably stay in the John Perkins Retreat Center on our premises (a decent bunk bed, nice kitchen, pergo hardwood floors). Also, I'm pleased to announce that in a very, very indirect way, Urban Onramps is a beneficiary of a Beaumont Foundation grant. The Harambee Prep School - which was spun out of Harambee Center, where the BlogJefe of Urban Onramps works - has been promised 24 brand-new, DVD playing, 15 inch screen Toshiba laptops. Yeah. Praise God! We are excited about using this stuff to get Kids Excited About God's Word and teach a few digital skills along the way. "Using Technology To Love People" - yeah!

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