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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

City Models To Review...

[Btw, Rudy... since we don't yet have our 'comments' feature running, let me take this opportunity to say thanks for posting these great links and concepts. And IMHO, you're right about the microbusiness becoming more and more effective.... perhaps most quickly among younger, less apprehensive xyz-generations. Also enjoyed your April/May article you linked to. After reading it, I'm all the more convinced that Christians need to work on solving problems... collaboratively. We'll never get much of a job accomplished, trying only to beat back the gates of hell from our individual silo-churches. So I continue... by linking to some other city models not previously reviewed... ]

At a little greater length from our behind-the-scenes log at... "Got Change for a Blog?", I added a number of new city-models to review and consider. Also a couple of digital supporting groups helping them to happen. And it's a great example of how techs can sharpen one another (IMHO).


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