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Saturday, May 31, 2003

Hi we're new. Maybe someone would describe us as a group of e-capable, C-centered guys/gals in the Greater Indianapolis area... helping ministries with new-paradigm technologies... in order to rapidly proliferate the abundant life.

And maybe others would just call us radical "Jesus Geeks".

In either event, sometimes we just have to 'try stuff out'.... like blog technologies. LOL.

So anyone is welcome to 'listen in' -- maybe you'll learn something new; or better yet, maybe you'll be enticed to help us or others by giving some valuable feedback.

Or best of all, maybe you'll be enticed to come down some Saturday morning to the 'center' to get to know us. It's a warm, welcoming, inviting, neutral (not to mention, tech-adept) place to offer your e-capable time & talent to Christ & others... perhaps even collaborating with us as we also support "Transform Indiana: Networking Ministries... to Impact Lives & Communities".


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