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Monday, June 23, 2003

Thanks Neil. I was contacted by the Regional Manager for KLOVE today and he is sending me the 200 bumper stickers in the mail for my church. I am ready and willing to contact churches in my area to see if they would like to have bumper stickers as well. It will require some phone calls, but hey it's worth it!

On another note, about a year ago I made "The Bible CD" and burned about 150 copies of it for my church to have. Every copy was taken by the members of my church. If anybody wants a copy, let me know! :)

It contains :

8 Church Hymns (audio)

All Old and New Testament Books (MS word documents, each book in a separate MS Word doc with table of contents links at top)

Books that didn’t make the cut for the Bible (MS word)

Canonizing the books of the Bible (MS word)

Facts of the Bible (MS word)

Old and New Testament
Summaries for books (MS word)

The 500 years between Old and
New Testament (MS word)

Timeline of the Bible (HTML page)

Understanding the Bible (MS word)

Understanding the times of Jesus (MS word)

Weights and Measurements of the Bible (MS word)

Pictures of God’s Power in Nature

Animals, Insects, Birds, The Earth from Space and the Moon,Lightning,Mountains,Nature,Rainbows, Sunrises/Sunsets/Sunrays in clouds,Tornadoes,Waterfalls, Water, Rivers, Ocean

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