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Monday, June 16, 2003

Hello. I am 24 year old guy in Hanover, Indiana. I have went to Hanover Baptist Church my whole life and I love it there. I would enjoy moving up to Indianapolis soon and becoming part of a software team up there. I graduated in December 2001 from Purdue with a B.S. in computer science. I am teaching at Ivy Tech State College right now a course called C++. I have taught Java, Web Design, Visual Basic, and MS Access also. I feel called by Jesus right now to promote KLOVE by distributing bumper stickers in my area so that people will see how popular KLOVE is. I love the station myself. 91.5 www.klove.com
My website is www.keithchilton.com. Make sure you visit my Personal Page Link from the main site. That's where you find out the most about me. Anyways, I could write on and on about me, but why waste our time? The power and freedom we have in Christ is awesome! It is worth much more of our attention than me.

In His name,


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